Thursday, October 19, 2006

10/20-10/27 N.Korea and making a plan before writing.

Nukes in North Korea: What stance should Japan take

Today we tried to use a few planning methods.'Bubbles' and 'Listing'
Ss reactions were mixed.

On the positive side that
it made it easier to write,
they were able to write more,
they didn't forget what they'd thought,
they didn't lose track of the order of the ideas they wanted,
a bank of ideas was a good thing to have available,
people who used a pen and paper found it more flexible to graphically represent thier thoughts, (drawing lines, etc) than if it were done with a PC,
those using Japanese found it easier to lay down their thoughts first and then transform into English (Before they had given up from the start when they couldn't do the first E sentence.)

However, on the negative side, the planning took too much time: they couldn't do both with he time allotted, they ended up writing something different from the plan anyway. They couldn't tell if it had a good effect or not.


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